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Sunset at the Bridge

Experience college gymnastics


Most athletes attending high-performance summer camps participate under the watchful eyes of coaches who potentially determine the fate of their college athletics career. While these types of camps are necessary for your journey towards a college athletics roster position, we wanted to create a “college camp” without all that pressure – one that allows you to experience what it’s like to be on a college gymnastics team before you get there.

Team meetings, gear drops, performing on camera in front of thousands, social media pressure, making lineups, traveling, impressing your coaches, meeting new friends, keeping in touch with family and friends back home AND maintaining the level of gymnastics that you were recruited for…it’s a lot to handle. Our goal is to help prepare you for these challenges without stressing you out!

Light and Shadow

College State of Mind is a one day high-performance camp that exposes athletes to the ins and outs of
college gymnastics.

    In college, you will be referred to as a "student-athlete." Student first, athlete second. It's one of the most important aspects of collegiate athletics. Figuring out how to balance your schoolwork with your dedication to your sport is vital to your college gymnastics career. Practicing and perfecting this now will make your transition as smooth as possible.
    From the moment you first set foot on a college campus, you will be held to a higher standard than ever before. You will represent so much more than just yourself. When you recognize that your gymnastics career is about more than just good scores and qualifying for nationals, you will begin to view your life with a higher sense of purpose. Every moment is a chance to learn, act and give differently.
    DI, DII, DIII...SEC, PAC12, GEC or BIG10...your level of athleticism can enable you to continue in the sport of gymnastics after high school. Remain committed, and your consistent hard work and passion for the sport of gymnastics can be what gets you to college. You're closer than you think to putting on that NCAA don't give up.
    When you make the roster of a college gymnastics team, you immediately step into the spotlight of a brand new community. It can feel overwhelming to constantly have eyes on you, in and out of the gym. NCAA social media education can help give athletes a sense of what to expect when they arrive on campus. Together, you and your 15 teammates have the opportunity to represent your community – and inspire younger athletes who dream of one day being in your shoes.
    You can be the best gymnast in the world, but what will that mean if you keep all that success to yourself? Aligning your heart with your college gymnastics career will help you pair your performance with purpose. Use your platform to give back in every way that you can.
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